· NHS and private prescriptions dispensed.
· Repeat prescription collection service.
· Wide range of over the counter medicines.
· Confidential help and advice.
· Touch – screen information booth.
· Special order service.
· Safe disposal of unwanted medicines.
· Photographic developing and printing.
· Oxygen supply.
· Disabled living products and incontinence supplies.

NHS and private prescriptions dispensed

We dispense both NHS and private prescriptions and keep computerised records of what we supply. When a prescription is presented to us the records tell us whether you may safely take a medicine with any others you may be taking.


Repeat prescription collection service

We can collect your repeat prescription from Central Surgery, Sawbridgeworth on your behalf so that your medicine is ready to pick up at your convenience. A minimum of 48 hours is required for this service. Please ask for details. This service is unavailable from other surgeries at the present time. However your surgery may be happy to post your prescription to us at your request.


Wide range of over the counter medicines

We stock a wide range of well known products which you can buy, many of which are only available from a pharmacy. Our counter staff are friendly and helpful and you can be confident that they are properly trained using accredited courses so that they can advise you about treating minor common ailments. They may ask some simple questions so they can check that you get the most suitable advice or product. Should it be necessary, they will refer you to the pharmacist.


Confidential help and advice

Our fully trained staff can deal with most requests and there is always a pharmacist present should you need their help and advice. You can rest assured that any information you give will be treated with the utmost confidentiality.


Touch- screen information booth

Would you like to know more about :-


Our touch-screen information booth has over 3000 topics. Some, such as ASTHMA include a short video clip. You can view the on-screen display or print out the information FREE to take home. There is also lifestyle information and a variety of diets to suit particular needs, such as DIABETES or HEART conditions.


Special order service

We are happy to accept orders for most non-stocked products. Many of these ( medical and healthcare ) will be delivered the next day, some may take a little longer. We may ask for a small deposit on some items.


Safe disposal of unwanted medicines

DO NOT HOARD MEDICINES – it can be fatal !
Return unused or unwanted medicines to us for safe disposal. Don’t put them in the bin or flush them down the toilet.


KODAK photographic developing and printing

We offer a 24 hour service ( except weekends ) for normal developing and printing. Bring in your films by 3pm and they should be available for collection after 3pm the next day. Extra sets, reprints and other services take a little longer.


Oxygen supply

Should your doctor require you to have oxygen therapy, we can arrange for this to be delivered to you and for its collection at the end of treatment.


Disabled living products and incontinence supplies

We stock a small range of products designed to make life easier for disabled people and other items are available to order from a catalogue. Our range of incontinence supplies is quite comprehensive but other items are also available to order.